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Team Sizes:     minimum four (4)  / maximum six (6)

Age:   open to ALL age categories

Pools:   B, B Console, C , D (English Doubles)



- Top 3 from each B pool (B1, B2, B3) make it to main elimination.

- Round 1 B elimination losers move to B Silver (5 teams)

- Round 2 B elimination losers move to B Gold (2 teams)

- R1 and R2 B winners stay in B main 


B Console (Bronze)

- teams that do not advance enter B console round robin


C Pool is round robin. Top two teams in finals.



Each team plays FIVE (5) games versus another team in following order: 1 singles game, 2 doubles (or xd), 1 singles game, 1 doubles (or xd).  First to win 3 games is the winner, but you can play all 5 games. Each person in each team can only appear in two games (singles only once).  Games are to 21 points. NOT A MATCH. Guarantee play against three teams, minimum 15 games!

Entry Fee (A,B):   $250 per team - Feather shuttles

Entry Fee (C):   $200 per team - NYLON shuttles

Entry Deadline: January 18, 2016 (Monday)

Roster Deadline: January 20, 2016


Seedings Explained

Cash & Gift Prizes


B 1st: $450 

B 2nd: $350


B Gold 1st (3rd overall): Bubbles GC, Level 1 Pass ($310 value)

B Gold 2nd (4th overall): Level 1 Pass ($160 value)


B Silver 1st (5th overall): Level 1 Pass ($160 value)

B Silver 2nd (6th overall): E Exit Pass ($160 value)


B Bronze 1st (10th overall): E Exit Pass ($160 value)

B Bronze 2nd (11th overall): Grips, bottles


C 1st: $300

C 2nd: $200


** Prize and prize money subject to change with pool size. **


Girls versus Dudes

+4 in A,  +6 in B, +8 in C advantage (for the girl) vs guy single, xd

+5 in A,  +7 in B, +9 in C advantage (for 2 girls) vs guy doubles

Old Man/Girl Advantage

+5 advantage for avg age difference > 15 years spread (ID req'd)

(age advantage cannot be combined with girls advantage, must be over 35 years of age to get advantage. No age advantage against players under 13 years of age.

Young Man/Girl Advantage

+5 advantage if you are 12 years old or under ... can be combined with girls advantage. Overrides 35+ advantage


Rankings are reviewed by organizing committee using a scoring system. We reserve the right to adjust the pools to ensure fair play at our discretion. General guidelines:


Pool A:   Teams with two or more players that are ranked (top 20 in U20 or Open) in Alberta, Canada, or internationally; or have advanced to or beyond quarter finals in a similar event within the previous five years. Teams with recreational players who play like semi-professional players (you know who you are).


Pool B:   Teams with at least one ranked player in u20/open; or teams with three or less ranked u17 players; or teams with four or more ranked u15 ranked players (within the previous five years). For players that play 2 - 3 time a week on a recreational level.


Pool C:  For recreational players, where none of the members have never advanced beyond round 2 (open, u20/u17/u15) in a tournament hosted by Badminton Alberta, Badminton Canada, or similar sanctioning body.  Also ideal for players who played on a school team.


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